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About Us

BMS Tuning is an automotive performance tuning company founded in Singapore by Andrew Khoo in 2006.

We are an automotive performance consultant dedicated to optimizing vehicle performance and efficiency through ECU tuning and Performance parts upgrades.

Our passionate team of Engine Calibration Engineers, Consultants and Technicians have more than 20 years of experience combined in the field of enhancing engine performance, coupled with having one of the industry leading Dynamometer brand in house, you can be rest assured that our calibrations meet our objectives and exceed customer expectations.

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Clients Reviews
Very reliable tuner who made sure my requests were fulfilled instead of just going ahead with whatever they deem is best for my ride/setup. Friendly and shares their knowledge and experience, but most importantly they don't push anything. I would definitely highly recommend anyone who intends to do ecutek or cobb tuning (amongst others) to visit them. Thumbs up to Andrew & team for a good service!
Done my tune for Freed Hybrid GB7 with the Kakimoto exos. Andrew and his team did a awesome job, it has bring out the fullest potential of my ride with my current configuration. Let the numbers do the story telling. Thanks again guys. Excellent customer svc by Jason too. I asked a lot of questions, thanks for being patient
Looked around in search for a reliable workshop and responsive person to answer my queries and doubts on tuning and modifications on my Car. Happened to found Godfrey and his service and responsiveness was splendid. He provides truthful advice and is confident in his work. Got my air intake done up with godfrey and at the same time, he and Andrew helped tune my car. Took them a day but it’s all worth while as I’ve felt the huge difference in power and responsiveness instantly when I test drive after the tune. It felt totally different and the fuel consumption improved as well. Although there are a lot of Super cars in the queue to get tuned, my Honda was still treated nicely ? Really highly recommended and not a single bit of regret for the tune.
Did my tuning with BMS. Andrew and the team are professional and go the extra mile to help make things happen …
Can feel their passion and excitement on every successful tune !
Highly recommended! And thank you for the improved ride!
Xiang Ann.
A very good experience After tuning More aggressive No more lagging I have Google quite a lot of tuner So many pricing
But Guys just remember Good thing don’t come cheap Modified is costly but find the right tuner to make ur $ worth BMS is the right choice I make to tune for sure 👍
Bryan Loke.
Great experience w the team today. Honest and trustworthy service provided despite few other shops claiming that I have this and that faulty and needed to change to be able to up tune. Time and money well spent 🥳.
Koh Hao Jun
Honda CR-Z Hybrid is my weekend car and I have completed stage 1 modification and was ready for a tune to optimize the setup. Was recommended by a friend and subsequently found positive reviews of BMS Tuning Pte Ltd. They offered performance consultation, ECU tuning and dyno using Mustang Dynamometer.
Mr. Andrew Khoo is the Master Tuner. He patiently explained the ECU tuning options available, the pros and cons of each type. As of all car owners, each have our own expectations and goals. As Honda CR-Z is NA and a relatively small engine, my aim is focusing on response and as well as better fuel efficiency on low engine load. Andrew also explained realistically what can be done and what cannot be done. The discussion was transparent and there are no ambiguities and/or doubts of the topics discussed.
A couple of runs were made and after each run, Andrew will update and discuss further what he did, what are the results and what can be done further. These updates are highly appreciated as it allows me to understand why and what things can or cannot be done.
The final tune results, in comparison to the base run, yields an improvement of 21% crank torque and 17% crank horsepower. Translating this to actual road condition, a base 0-100 km/h previously clocked at 11.18s now can be achieved in 9.60s, shaving 1.58s. Pretty impressive for a NA setup.
In conclusion, I enjoyed the tuning experience, the expertise of Andrew & his team and the end results achieved. A big thank you to BMS Tuning team and I highly recommend BMS Tuning for your tuning requirements!
Johnny Wong.
I went to bms to tune my elantra ad and incredibly added 15% of my original horsepower the car now feel really different
Joseph Heng.
Friendly, Experienced and Honest team. Impressive results and definitely worth every dollar. Small price to pay to upgrade your Cat A car to Cat B! Highly recommended.
Claudia Máire Pereira-Lai