ECU Connect With PhoneFlash
Introducing PhoneFlash by EcuTek
Program and control your car’s ECU with your Phone
Using just your phone and our ECU Connect Interface, EcuTek connects you to a whole new driving experience. From getting your car tuned to enjoying our unique RaceROM features, it has never been this easy with ECU Connect and PhoneFlash
Get started in just 3 easy steps :
Download the FREE ECU Connect App from the App Store or Play store
Purchase an ECU Connect Interface from us
Plug it into your car OBD socket and pair your phone with the Interface
With ECU Connect, you can program your car’s ECU with a new tune with just your phone without the hassle of wires to plug in, no laptops required, and no complicated instructions to follow. Programming your car with a tune file is simple and straightforward
Open the ECU Connect App, create an account and select BMS Tuning
Send your vehicle information straight from the ECU to your tuner at the touch of a button
Discuss with your tuner what you want from the tune
Receive a notification on your phone when your tune file has been sent to your phone
Select Program ECU and follow the instructions
See what other things you can do with ECU Connect
Models You Can PhoneFlash
Subaru BRZ/Toyota GT-86/
Nissan GT-R 35
Nissan 370Z
Infiniti Q50 & Q60 with the 3.0-litre twin-turbo engine
BMW F Series N55 and S55
BMW B48 & B58
Toyota Supra A90
Volkswagen ea888
All Subaru models
Mitsubishi EvoX
Honda Civic TypeR
Ford EcoBoost
Mazda MX-5 NC & ND
Use your phone as a remote control
Change your launch RPM
Adjust your boost or torque
Make your Traction Control more or less aggressive
Activate your Nitrous
Set up a Push To Pass button
Set up a pit lane speed limiter
Adjust your factory burbles
Switch between up to 4 different driving modes
Activate and deactivate Valet Mode
Download ECU Connect for free from the app store of your choice